General Contracting Services

Whether it’s a new house, an addition or a remodeling project, we can build your dream project. This is our niche.

We generally do custom projects that are very specific and all about the details. We have intentionally limited the size of our company so we can provide superior service and attention to detail for our clients.  We work hard to meet each of our clients’ requests  regarding details or projects they want done.

All you need to do is make one call to Wilson Woodcraft and we will take it from there.

We have been in the General Contracting business since 1981.  In that time we have had the pleasure of working for some absolutely great people.  We will take your project from the design phase thru the final walk thru.  During this entire process you need only call one phone number for all your needs.

One of our goals is to constantly evaluate the past and learn from those experiences, thus saving our clients the cost and aggravation of dealing with an inexperienced contractor.  Over the past 30 years we have developed some exceptional relationships with our subcontractors.  These subcontractors have been evaluated and selected based on the values and professionalism they demonstrate.  We are constantly monitoring these relationships. The company or tradesman you hired a year ago may not be the same one that you would select today.  We strive to establish alliances with subcontractors who share our philosophy and the goal to produce the same high quality product we do.

Over the past 30 years has been a constant evolution to our facilities as well as our inventory of tools & equipment.  Both of these help set us apart from our competitors.  You can be assured that we will have the proper specialized equipment for your project. Our modern equipment helps us stay on budget and on schedule.  I would suggest if you are contemplating an upcoming project that you visit your proposed contractor to check out the facilities, vehicles and equipment.  If they don’t keep their buildings or vehicles neat, how are they going to keep your project organized?

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